About Me

I am an aspiring business enthusiast driven by the love for fashion, styling, and beauty. It is the immense curiosity and enthusiasm in me that lures me to explore all aspects of fashion and style. According to me, there is a thin line between 'Fashion' and 'Style'. Fashion is something that is trending, something that is in vogue and what most follow. Whereas, Style is exclusive to oneself.. It is one's personal touch and approach to what is in vogue. It is all about what you wear and how you wear it! "Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it."
This blog encompasses my personal take on the the current fashion trends, style tips, beauty care routine and tips, and product reviews. It will also cover my personal experiences while I am travelling and exploring different cultures, and the fashion and styles prevalent in those cultures.
Fashion says "Me too". Style says "Only me".

Lots of love,