A Fairy Tale Vibe Ft. Global Desi

Look at this dress.. Just look at the beauty of it! Caught a glimpse of this and I was in love with it at the first sight itself - truly, madly and deeply. Global Desi's boho festive collection is always something to die for. This particular one that I'm wearing is from their #WingsOnMyFeet Collection. I know I have mentioned about this collection in one of the previous posts, but what can I do? I simply cannot stop obsessing over Global Desi and the amazingly mind boggling styles it offers. What I like the most about the brand is the fun 'princessy' vibe that it carries which impels you to believe that 'yes, you too can have a fairy tale story'.

#WingsOnMyFeet Vibe

What I'm Wearing: Outfit from Global Desi #WingsOnMyFeet Festive Collection, Statement Earrings purchased at one of the Hi-Life exhibitions at Westin, Pune. 
Photography Courtesy: Maneet Sikka

From Global Desi's #WingsOnMyFeet festive collection, this beauty is one of its kind. The fine detailing and the intricate work adds magic to the grace and elegance of the dress. This outfit comes as a set of two - a sleeveless ankle length gown to be worn inside and a full sleeves floor length cape dress that is just as stunning as it looks! (P.S. I love the side slit given to the gown). I wore this attire to one of my friend's wedding reception recently; kept it chic with minimal accessories since the outfit itself is pretty much bling. As you see it, a pair of traditional gold statement earrings and a 'bindi' was all that was needed to complete the look. The hack for this look is that you shouldn't go overboard with too much of jewelry or accessorizing. Avoid accessory stuffing! Sometimes, you just need to let your outfit do all the talking. 

More fun and interesting stuff on ethnic couture coming up soon. Until then, lots of love. 

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