A casual drink date with She's A Sixteen

Impromptu plans with friends are indeed the best plans, be it a shopping date or a casual drink date! Meenu and I decided to catch up over a few drinks and so today, I am going to take you through our respective ideas and sense of styling an outfit for a casual daytime meet up or a drink date with your buddy. Meenu and I, both of us, have a distinct sense of style and our love for fashion and styling has got us together for some fun time. While Meenu decided to go for a dressy look (Oh, she looks so gorgeous!), I opted for a casual denim and tee kinda look.

Though both us have a distinct sense of styling, here are a few things which are important and essential to the both of us when it comes to whatever outfit we are wearing-

  • Most importantly, the outfit needs to be comfortable. If you're not comfortable and confident about what you're wearing, it will only make you feel uneasy and awkward for the rest of the time. 
  • Hence, our motto is 'Always be comfortable and kill it with confidence'. 
  • Your outfit should be appropriate for the occasion and the place of meet. For example, if you're going to a cafe place you can go quirky and casual. But if it's a fine restaurant kind of a place, then you might want to dress up a little semi-formal and classy. 
  • It is, therefore, important to make sure that your outfit complements the theme and the feel of the place you are meeting at.
  • On a sunny day, it is absolutely essential for the both of us to carry a pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses are my favorite accessory! 
  • You don't need to show too much skin! It shouldn't shout out loud that you are trying too hard. 
  • When it comes to accessorizing, which is an important aspect for the both us, we kept it minimal by throwing on a few rings, chain necklaces and cuffs. 

With my fave She's A Sixteen

Photography: Siya Khanse
What Meenu is wearing: Dress from Forever 21, Shirt from Remanika, Tan gladiator flats from Westside, Bag from Pantaloons, Jewelry & Sunglasses from Trinket Square.
What I'm Wearing: Denims from Forever 21, Tee from Forever 21, Shoes from Zara Woman, Jewelry & Sunglasses from Trinket Square.

What She Wore: I absolutely love the way Meenu gracefully carries off that army green dress from Forever 21. To balance out the look, she wore a red shirt and left it unbuttoned to give it a perfect taste of casual style. On a general note, if you are wearing something short, it's a good way to balance it out with a sleeved shirt or jacket and a low heel (especially if you're looking at a casual daytime coffee / lunch date).. And I'm completely loving the way Meenu looks here, right from that beautiful dress to the gladiators.. and the handbag, of course! 

What I Wore: I opted for a denim and tee kinda look. I paired my light blue denims with a round neck tee from Forever 21 and one of my favorite red sneaker shoes from Zara for a complete casual look. One can never go wrong with denims! Also, added another set of essentials - some silver jewelry! 

So what do you guys think about these looks? What is your ideal outfit for a daytime drink / lunch date with a friend? Let me know in the comments section below. We had a blast shooting for this post! :)  Until next time, bubyee! 

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