Bloggers' Day Out

You cannot be more than happy when you find friends who share a common interest as you do. I have known these two gorgeous ladies since quite some time now, and I have to say that they are truly an inspiration for a lot of young girls and ladies today. Their passion for fashion, their dedication toward their job, their love for what they do is all so commendable. These two are "Girl Bosses" in the actual sense, for the fact that they have created and built their own identity by so much hard-work and not fallen prey to the fear of being judged by the world. They are fearless, they are smart, and they have an ultimate sense of style of their own.

Presenting, Priyanka Shinde from Petals Of Beauty and Meenu Goel from She's A Sixteen. Maybe a lot of you don't know, but I have known Meenu since school. It was our love for fashion and jewelry that got us talking and made us great buddies! Meenu's blog chronicles her take on wearable and affordable plus size, curvy styles. She states that she was made to believe that style and fashion were not her things, but she proved them wrong. She has experimented, developed and evolved her own personal style. She's broken all the stereotypes and I absolutely adore and respect her for that. She is a diva!

Talking about divas, meet Priyanka from Petals Of Beauty. I remember the first time I met this girl; It was so easy to talk to her. Like, we just clicked and I am glad we are amazing friends. She's like the first person I consult or talk to when I am swamped by fashion queries. Priyanka's blog chronicles her take on fashion, style and the latest trends and everything else related to lifestyle. She definitely has a neat and sophisticated dressing sense which I love. And oh, she is a damn good poser!

Photography: Chandrahas Prabhu
On Me: Denims from Denim Co., Trench from Kazo, Shoes from Forever 21
On Meenu: Top from H&M, Skirt from Splash, Heels from Carlton London
On Priyanka: Top and Denims from West Side Stores, Shoes from H&M
Jewelry & Accessories: Trinket Square

The three of us love chilling and spending time together as and when we get time from our 'kind of busy' schedules. The fun part is going for shopping together and just exploring the new trends and styles. It is not just this that we talk about all the time. Basically, we connect on every level and can talk about anything and everything. Probably, it's the "Virgo" connection that we share! Talking about the "Virgo" connection, we share a lot of common things, but yet, we are different in our own ways. I would like to mention one attribute or thing about each of them that makes them stand out from the crowd. Meenu strongly believes in being comfortable in your own skin, no matter what. She likes breaking the rules and doing things her own way, and that is what makes her so confident and so successful today. Talking about Priyanka, she is a fearless woman. She is a woman of substance and positive influence, who will never hesitate to share her part of experiences and guide you. These are real great qualities to find in people and I am so happy to have met these gorgeous ladies in the journey of my life.. More power to us girls!

Lots of Love. Until next time, bye!

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