5 reasons to love Bandhani

Having recently purchased a Bandhani print, I will have to say that it is probably understated when it comes to fashion. Also, I undertook a poll on my Instagram lately asking about how many of you owned anything in Bandhani currently; and only a few handful owned some. Take a look at my beautiful gorgeous ankle-length Bandhani flared skirt that I very recently picked up from an exhibition on Tilak Road, Pune. After being immensely confused about which one and what kind to buy, I finally gave my heart to this blue love! To know why, continue reading.

Cultural Heritage

Bandhani print is originally an art from Rajasthan and Gujarat and has a cultural heritage to it. These prints are commonly found on sarees and dupattas, and also on the turbans worn by men in these regions. Who doesn't love sporting a look that has some kind of cultural heritage and importance to it! Here's a fun fact about Bandhani (Bandhej)- In Gujarat, almsot every girl who gets married buys Bandhani (it's in the culture). Also, it is passed on every generation to generation.

All About That Grace

The cultural heritage factor adds up to grace and elegance of Bandhani. When it comes to Bandhani, be it a saree, a dupatta or a skirt, there is an evident grace that accentuates your look! So many women, even today, wear Bandhani to work, colleges, etc. Salwar suits and Bandhani dupattas can totally be worn to workplaces. 

Vibrancy And Its Beauty 

For the ones who love bright and vibrant colours (like I do), you guys will be happy to know that Bandhani comes in such hues. Yay! The basic colours of this print comes in red, blue, yellow and green mainly. However, it can be adapted in any colour and on almost any fabric such as cotton, silk, chiffon, cotton silk, etc. This is the beauty of Bandhani. There are so many options to choose from, right? Next time, you happen to see a Bandhani boutique or a store, you must check it out and get your hands on it. 

Details And Designs

Bandhani work is a result of a lot of squares, dots, rings, waves and stripes. The designs include a single dot, three dots, four dots and many more patterns as such. Also, the designs vary according to regions and parts so you will get to see a lot of patterns, designs and variations in Bandhani. And trust me, you will have a lot to choose from! The details are so intricate and a depict the tradition and culture of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Bandhani is also embellished with mirror work or gota work which looks just so gorgeous! 

Love From All Over The World

Not only in India, but today, the art of Bandhani (Bandhej) has received a lot of global attention and appreciation. Especially during festive or wedding season, there is a noticeable craze that goes on for Bandhani. And now we totally get why! :) It is an ancient tie and dye technique which is still in practice and this art is definitely flourishing. 

Photography: Sanil Deshmukh
What I'm Wearing: Blue Bandhani flared skirt from an exhibition in Pune, White cold shoulder top from Forever 21, Silver flats from Bangkok, Silver jewellery purchased at Clover Centre (Camp, Pune). 


To spice it up, I went slightly fusion and paired this Bandhani blue flared skirt with a white cold shoulder top from Forever 21 and silver flats that I purchased in Bangkok (Bangkok has some crazy shopping). Tell me how you like the ethnic touch of silver jewellery to my look. Gold jewellery was a big no-no here, so I perfectly styled it with a silver bindi and oxidized bangles to complete the look. Kept it minimal and light! Hope you guys had a good read and do let me know how you liked this look, Until next time, bye! :) 

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