Sweater Weather!

We are almost at the peak of the winters and winters call for all the warm, chunky, woolly clothes. It's that time of the year where you need to update your wardrobe with the winter coats, sweaters and jackets, scarves and boots. You don't necessarily have to head out shopping for your winter garments, oh no, you don't have to. Instead, with a little knowledge about layering, you can perfectly style your summer dresses or other clothes into an attire that would look good as well as be comfortable and warm enough for this season. So what are the options and various ways of layering and styling? Let's check them out..

Dressing the right way for the sweater weather!

You can go for a lot of options and styles when it comes to winter dressing.
  • You can go for basics like a pair of denims / trousers with a warm top layered with a jacket and a scarf.
  • You can add a long cardigan and layer it with a warm chunky scarf.
  • You don't need to keep away your summer dresses just because its getting cooler; you can style them with tights or leggings and add a sweater or a jacket on it and trust me, you'll be warm enough.
  • In order to add an edge and comfort to your dressing, you need to have a few winters essentials in your wardrobe such as scarves, cardigans, sweaters, jackets, blazers, thick socks and boots.
  • If you don't want to wear tights or leggings, you can also opt for thigh high socks and boots. Oh yes, it'd look bomb!
  • You can wear a sweater over your dress and pop its collar out.
  • Lace up boots are my fave!
Basically, it's your call on how you'd like to style or layer your options. I am going to show you how I styled this cutesy long floral cardigan that I picked up from a store in Japan in two different ways. Be it a casual lunch date with friends or an evening birthday party where you want to go a little more dressy, you can do wonders with one outfit by just styling it differently.

Look 1-

In this look, I am wearing the long floral print sweater on a pair of denims as an in shirt style to give it more of a casual bold look. To add to it, I put on these black lace up boots - just the way I like it.

Look 2-

In this look, I am wearing the floral print sweater as a cutesy dress pairing it up with these pastel colored wedges.
Photography Courtesy: Maneet Sikka
What I'm Wearing: Floral sweater from Liz Lisa (Japan), Black lace up boots from Forever 21, Pastel wedges from PAVERS England, Sunglasses from Trinket Square. 
So bring out all your cutesy dresses and don't hesitate to experiment a little with them. Stay warm, stay comfortable! Until the next time, au revoir, auf wiedersehen, adios, ta-ta, bye-bye!

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