A few favorites from my beauty closet – Body lotions, creams & cleansers

In our today's busy world of running around for work and meetings, our skin often gets neglected. Also, we cannot ignore the fact that our skin is exposed to a lot of harsh environmental elements such as the sun, extreme cold, heat, smoke, pollution, etc. Not just our face, but even our body needs to be taken good care of. This will assure you a lifetime of healthy, glowing and hydrated skin. People with all skin types should follow a good skin care routine, especially the ones who face problems of oily to combination skin. We need to understand the fact that only a daily skin care routine will promise you an optimal skin health.

Because your skin needs pampering too!

With growing awareness and competition, there are so many products, so many options available in the market. There are cleansers, toners, moisturizers, body lotions, face creams and so much more for all skin types ranging from oily, dry, combination to sensitive skin. It is extremely important to choose the right products for your skin type to ensure an optimal and effective result.
Personally, I wallow in completely into my night rituals wherein I strictly dedicate some time to cleanse and hydrate my skin - face and body. This is something that has become a part of my routine before I go to bed and I have started to experience a good change in my skin. Today, I'd like to mention a few favorites from my beauty closet.
Skin Care Routine - Trinket Square (1)
Skin Care Routine - Trinket Square (3)
Skin Care Routine - Trinket Square
Photography: Siya Khanse
These products are my current essentials. My bedtime rituals first start with removing all the makeup with a makeup remover and then rinsing my face and neck with a face wash from Brillare Science which helps lighten skin tone and exfoliates dark spots for a clean, fresh and radiant bright face. You can check the product here. This is followed by spraying a Tea tree skin toner that i picked up from Fabindia. It's an alcohol free skin toner with the magical powers of tea tree oil that control sebum and clears blemishes. It is really effective for people with oily to combination skin. I also often apply this skin clear lotion from Ipsa which is a Japanese product. It's quite light on the skin and dries up in no time.
Talking about body lotions, I am currently crushing on two of them. One of them is The Righteous Butter Body Lotion which I picked up from Sephora. It cost me around Rs. 1,600/- for a 500 ml bottle. Its formulated with Shea butter, Almond oil and Aloe Vera which leaves your skin smooth and soft. As it's rightly mentioned on the packaging, it chases away the flakes! Another one is from Victoria's Secret called 'Very Sexy'. It's a fragrance lotion and it comes in an extremely gorgeous red packaging. This one is also a a favorite from the lot and oh, it smells absolutely amazing. For that matter, both the body lotions that I mentioned have an exceptionally beautiful fragrance. Give it a try.. I'm sure you'll love them! Not to ignore the fact that your lips needs attention too.
Signing off for now, adios!

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