7 Pointers to Pull Off a Romper

Rompers are the best fashion pieces to go for for any outing considering the fact that it has the look of a dress combined with the ease of a pair of shorts. Hence, undoubtedly it is an extremely comfortable option to wear to an outing. I am personally inclined towards rompers and play-suits for a number of reasons like comfort, style and ease of shorts. There could be occasions involving active outdoor activities and you would want to look dressy- that's when a romper would come handy. 'Cause you know, a romper is much more comfortable and practical than a dress or a one piece. Right?

There's no doubt that rompers are comfortable and easy to wear but there are a few things that need to be taken care of to pull off a romper in the most chic way! So sit back and continue reading..

Wearing a romper the right way

  1. Find the right fit and size: Firstly, finding the right size of a romper for your body type is important. Say for example, if you have a long torso, finding a correct fit for your body type could be a task. A romper worn in the right size can make you look taller and leaner. So make sure that your romper or jumpsuit is not too loose or too tight and that it doesn't make you feel odd or uncomfortable. An ill-fitting romper will kill the entire look by highlighting your bulges and imperfections. 
  2. Florals or solids: Well, personally, I love rompers in floral prints. While medium sized floral prints are totally awesome, one should avoid going for large sized ones as they will only make you look bigger and on a heavier side. And if you're not game for florals, then solid colours could be your thing. You can give it a try and see what you like. But remember, if in doubt, solid colours are always a safer option because a single colour will give an illusion of a longer body, therefore, making you look taller and leaner. 
  3. Say no to clingy materials: Polyester, spandex and such other are the types to be strictly avoided while buying a romper, jumpsuit or a play-suit. Do not go for tight or body hugging fits. Only the right kind of materials will flatter your body. So choose wisely!
  4. Stay away from big and wild prints: Big, wild, crazy prints are a big no-no! Such prints will kill the look and the style of your outfit and will unnecessarily draw attention to the imperfections. And well, you do not want to look like a disaster. As I mentioned earlier, solid colours are anytime a safer option.
  5. Pick the right length: Rompers come in a lot of different sizes and styles so make sure you choose the right length of it. For example, petite women and girls can go for a length of a romper that is relatively short and above the knees, whereas, taller women can effortlessly flaunt long ankle-length jumpsuits. 
  6. Play around with the sleeves: Rompers come with a variety of sleeve options. Play around with them. Explore different styles. Long sleeves add an instant elegance to the look. Well, I like long sleeves to a romper. (As you can see it in the pictures, it is my personal style and preference). Girls with finer arms can totally rock sleeveless, halter or tube style rompers. 
  7. Lunch or dinner: Trust me when I say this, you can slay a romper to a lunch outing as well as to a dinner one. It is all because of its versatility in nature. Like say, your accessory / accessories, your pair of wedges or shoes, your handbag or sling, etc. will have to be worked upon depending on the nature of the outing or date. 

That's my Romper Style!

Given a choice, I would be slightly more inclined towards a floral print when it comes to rompers and jumpsuits, especially if it's summer time! Well, I like solid colours too. Since I am on a petite side, I chose a romper with a length that is above my knees, which gives it an absolute ease and comfort of that of a pair of shorts. I love the style of the sleeves that this romper has - long, playful, wrist-length sleeves which perfectly balances out for the short length of the romper. Me loves! When it came to styling, I styled it with a few gold plated rings and minimal cuffs and bracelets from my own fashion brand Trinket Square. Also, added a pair of these super comfy dark blue wedges and a contrasting deep maroon handbag. 

Photo Courtesy: Sanil Deshmukh
Location Courtesy: Tales & Spirits, Pune
What I'm Wearing: Floral Romper from Forever 21, Accessories from Trinket Square, Handbag from David Jones.

So ladies, just keep these few pointers in mind the next time you head out for shopping and I'm sure y'all will slay it all! 

Lots of love, Disha. 

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