My Current Top 5 Lipsticks - Reviews and Swatches

Being a complete fanatic about make up and lipsticks in particular, I invest quite a lot in lip-shades of almost all colours. For me, the make up counter is pretty overwhelming; and I am sure it's pretty same for most of you girls. While deciding on which lipsticks to invest in, there are a few things that I consider, for example, the shade or the colour, the tone of my skin, the texture, the longevity and so on. From my personal collection, these are my current five favourite lipsticks. To know more about the reviews and swatches, continue reading..

My Current Top 5 Lipsticks

Photography Courtesy: Sanil Deshmukh

1. Colorbar Peach Soul 020 - This lipstick comes in a light peach shade and it glides onto the lips quite easily because of its creamy texture. This product comes in a large jumbo crayon type pencil so the nib of the lipstick is pretty big, hence, sometimes making the application a little not to easy. But, if you buy it from the official Colorbar store, you will get the lipstick sharpener with it. The shade is nice and attractive and gives a rich creamy shine to your lips. 

2. Shiseido RD 351 - This lipstick from Shiseido comes in a subtle peachy pink shade with a slight shimmer. What I like about this one is that the shade is neither too loud nor too tame and can be perfectly worn to work; and to other occasions as well. It is actually very light and it glides very smoothly on the lips by giving it a moisturizing effect which makes the lips look naturally soft. But I personally feel that it wears off within a few hours which is the only disappointment I experienced with this product. 

3. Revlon Colorburst 210 - I love matte and this product Revlon Colorburst 210 in the shade Unapologetic is an absolute burst of matte! The shade comes in a vibrant shocking pink and well, it's a beautiful shade. Also, it smells way too good! The lipstick comes in a thick crayon like packaging but there is no sharpener required for this one as the crayon pencil is retractable. It is long-lasting and stays in place even in the scorching heat of the sun. It is a moisture rich balm with an easy application that gives a velvety matte look. Gorgeous shade and absolutely perfect for summers! 

4. Bobbi Brown BA5 Rose Brown - This lipstick is one of its kind. It's a classic deep shade in brown which looks absolutely stunning. The packaging is a thick crayon kind pencil which comes along with a sharpener. The texture is slightly thick creamy and sticky which is what makes it last all day. Also, this shade in Rose Brown is suitable for all skin tones and if you're looking for a new shade in Rose Brown, you can definitely give this one a try! The colour stays on the lips all day and it is definitely worth the price. This lipstick does not smear or smudge. It is long lasting and stays quite in place even after a full meal. It is hydrating and moisturizing and gives a smooth finish after application. Bobbi Brown BA5 in Rose Brown is one of my best picks!

5. Clinique 03 Creamy Nude - This lipstick comes in a subtle and nude shade with a creamy texture which has a shine to it. It give a moisturizing effect which does not emphasize on the dryness of the lips (in case the lips are dry). It can be definitely worn to work for the shade is a classic subtle nude. Application is easy and it does stay for a couple of hours. This product is a complete work staple! 

So these were my current top favourite lipsticks for the season. Hope you girls enjoyed reading this post and was a helpful one. The reviews are from my personal experiences and all the above products have been purchased from the official brand stores. Stay tuned for more. Until next time, lots of love! 

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