Styles to Slay a Shirt Dress #summerstyle

As the name suggests, a shirt dress is a shirt that is long enough to be worn as a dress and well, you don't always have to necessarily wear a shirt dress as a dress. You got options. Today, I will be talking about my three favourite and easy-to-go styles to slay a shirt dress. The fun thing about it is that when it comes to wearing a shirt dress, you can totally take it from day to night time; with probably a little modifications. But yes, it's a fashion staple every girl must have in her closet. Shirt dresses are versatile in the actual sense, and they can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion and time of the day.

Look 1-  In the first look, I have worn the shirt dress as a regular shirt by tucking it in and pairing it up with a black leggings. You can go for any colour of your choice though, as long as both the outfits do not contradict each other. This look is easy-to-go and comfortable and can be opted by those who are not into bare legs. Simple and chic! 

Look 2- The second look is a modification of the first look. Basically, here, I am wearing the shirt dress as an open button down style with a black top and a pair of black leggings. Again, this style is super comfy and can be opted by those who do not wish to show bare legs. 

Look 3- The third look is the classic of all where I am wearing the shirt dress as a dress itself, with no add-ons! If you want to highlight your waist-line, you can throw on a belt or wear a scarf as a belt. Pair it up with sneakers or shoes and you're good to go! 

Photography Courtesy: Sanil Deshmukh
What I'm Wearing: Shirt Dress from Forever 21, Black Boots from Forever 21, Blue Sneakers from Miris (Italy), Rings & Watch from Trinket Square

And do not forget to wear your accessories; it always adds an edge to the look. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. Stay tuned for more..

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